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Actionjetz.com is a place where kids can play and learn in a fun, and safe environment. Actionjetz are cute and cool toy jets that come with a Secret Code card - your ticket to the fun and exciting world of Actionjetz. These are remarkable airplane toys that you can take home and play with, plus giving you a chance to join in an online game competition! How fun can that be? C'mon and experience loads of fun here at Actionjetz.com. Get your chosen Actionjetz toy here.

actionjetz top pilots
1. Atrox 231407
2. luyil 2258
3. krips 1757
4. skydiverjen 1462
5. yovani321 1078
6. nathanactionjet 948
7. Chevreuil 861
8. mexican 752
9. FailMan 747
10. hummer 575
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